As anyone could guess, the success of a engineering project as involved as the creation of a fighting robot depends heavily on the support from both individuals and corporations. It is vital that a team receive encouragement from individuals in every stage of development, or the enthusiasm for such a complicated endeavor might wane. This type of "backyard support" is growing quickly as the popularity of the sport increases around the country. Teams have received such support through Battlebots television competitions where the fans cheer their favorite fighting bots.

       Additionally, corporations can foster the scientific and technical creativity of bot teams through financial support and public awareness. By contributing money and advertising, both corporations and bot teams benefit. A corporation that supports such "homegrown" efforts gains a new market niche in its advertising demographic with comparatively little investment, and a bot team gains immediate credibility and financial support, catapulting its vision from possibility to reality.

       Listed below are the details about what sponsors receive in regards to advertising and exposure based on contribution amounts. If you feel that you would like to take part in the exciting future of this growing sport, you may contact Rick Nickel, team chief, for more information.

  • Contributions from $1.00 - $499.00 will receive promotional advertising on the website.
  • Contributions from $500 - $999.00 will receive placement on the first page of the website.
  • Contributions from $1000.00 and up will receive placement on the first page of the website and on the body of the Alabama Slammer robot itself.
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