Howdy, and welcome to . If you can't find what you're looking for, just email us and we'll load up the guns and hunt it down.

Check out Alabama Slammer on the BattleBots website

Alabama Slammer is being upgraded and will come back stonger than ever. Watch for updates coming soon.

Thanks to Brooks Machine and Tool for assisting us with our latest upgrade.

is based in Huntsville, Alabama , home of the Marshall Space Flight Center, Space Camp, and Redstone Arsenal. We have been to three Battlebots competitions at Treasure Island with our middleweight bot called Alabama Slammer.
Two Robot Combat events were held in Huntsville by SECR - RCRA 1 & 2 (Rocket City Robot Assault)

I have now concentrated my efforts in building my business - Huntsville Computer Services
But don't be surprised if Alabama Slammer returns to Kick Bot in the future!

Meanwhile, be sure to watch the Alabama Slammer Requiem Video
It is best if watched in "full screen" mode. This is a 17MB download, so if you do not have Broadband Internet, it can take a long time to download.
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